Saturday, June 11, 2011


Bonjour!! I'm back with a new post that REALLY talks about BEAUTY!! And now, I'm gonna talk about EYELINER! Why I choose eyeliner? Why not lipstick, powder, foundation, blush on, or mascara?? Because, now eyeliner is a trend. Good bye eye shadow, welcome eyeliner! :D

On applying, eyeliner is easier than eye shadow. With only a simple way, your eyes will look brighter than before. How about eye shadow? Using eye shadow can make our eyes shining too, but it has a complicated way to use. Beside that, you look like you're trying hard to use make up than you use only eyeliner. It brings you natural look, trust me. :D

There are 3 types of eyeliner that I know. They are liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, and gel or creme eyeliner. I usually use liquid eyeliner for my daily make up. I prefer liquid than pencil because I think liquid eyeliner is easier on apply than pencil eyeliner. Some people says that pencil eyeliner is easier to use than liquid eyeliner, and it make your make up look more natural than using liquid eyeliner, but I don't think so, because pencil eyeliner always hurts my eyes. :P

Eyeliner has various colors. The natural ones are black, brown, grey, white, or peach (for under eyes, to make your eyes larger). But you can choose shocking colors like blue, green, or even red, depends on what your local drug store have. :P

Here is a video from Michelle Phan about eyeliner tutorial. You can learn how to use eyeliner in simple way by watching this video. Enjoy it! :D

Interested to use it too? Go to your local drug store and express yourself with eyeliner! :D See you on the next post! Good night, have a nice dream, don't let the bug bite! *kisses*


  1. emang harus praktek trs spy bisa hmm

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    1. waow, ada yg comment di post lamaku ternyata, hahaha..
      iya, krn sekarang udah sering pake eyeliner jadi *ehem* sudah lumayan ahli.. :P
      thanks for coming! :D