Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Power of Makeup

Heeiiiyyaa girls! As my promise, I'm back to write something for all of you! Are you ready to read this post?? I bet you'll like it! So, on your mark... Get set.. Go!!! :D

At this time, I'm gonna write something familiar for all of girls in the world: MAKEUP. Let me ask you some questions. How many makeup do you have? How long the time you take every morning to wear makeup? Did your boyfriend complain on how long the time you take to wear makeup?? :D

Most girls say they don't like to go out without makeup. Why's that? It because makeup can make us prettier. Makeup can cover our shortages on the face. Makeup is girls' shield. Am I right?? :D

Every girls want to look pretty. And the easiest way to be pretty is wearing makeup. There are different types of makeup. They are foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss, blush on, etc. With wearing makeup you will be pretty. But be careful! The wrong usage of makeup can make your face looks older or even pale. :D

That's why girls love wearing makeup. Can you see the differences??

So, it needs to wear makeup, but the important thing is beauty from the inside. If you have a pure soul, beauty itself will shine from within. :D

Okay, I hope this post useful for all of you girls! See you next time! *kisses*

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello again!

Yes. Hello again! Sorry I've been missing for several months. Holiday is family's time. Hehe. And also, after my holiday was over, I've been busy with my study. So, I'm really-really sorry I've been dissapear for a long time.

Can't wait to read my fabulous posts again? Hahaha. I'll be back soon to entertain you with my posts. But I can't post anything right now because I have something to do. I just wanna say... NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN! :D

Have a nice Sunday, guys! *kisses*