Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love Local Brand Makeup, Love Indonesia

Holla, Girls! Today I just wanna share my story about having makeup as part of my life like now on. :D I start loving makeup since one and a half years ago, but I'm not a makeup junkies, just makeup lover. :P

The first makeup brand that I bought was Revlon. Why I choose Revlon? Because this brand is recommended by my mom. My mom has a sensitive skin type, so she can't be arbitrary choose a makeup brand for her skin. My skin type is normal, I usually have no problem with various makeup brand. Because my mom has prove that Revlon is good for sensitive skin type, I think that Revlon will be okay in my skin type too. So, from that time, I always using Revlon makeup (visit: Revlon). :D

But, I found that Revlon makeup sometimes doesn't have what things that I need. I have to expand my knowledge about makeup brand. So, I add another makeup source in my list, and it is Maybelline (visit: Maybelline Indonesia and Maybelline)! :D

I have found that most of foreign makeup brand are quite expensive than local brand. So, I think I'm gonna expand again my knowledge by searching about local brand makeup, such as Pixy, Sariayu, etc. Not only because it is affordable for my pocket, but also local makeup brand can compete with foreign makeup in quality. And, because I'm an Indonesian, I think local makeup brand better suited on me, right? :D

Be proud of Indonesian local makeup brand. By loving local brand makeup, you love Indonesia too! :D

See you next time and stay BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*

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