Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer in Medium-Sand

Hello, beauties! I'm back with another review from my beauty stuffs. But before I start, like usual I'm gonna tell you that it is non-sponsored review. All products that mentioned in this post were bought by myself, and I'm not be paid by the company. So, let's check it out! :D

Today I'm gonna do review about my first and only concealer in my beauty case, and it is Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer. I've been know that concealer can hide our imperfections and dark circles. So, because I have problems with dark circles, I think concealer will help me a lot.

I was inexperienced yet about concealer, but I do research about what type of concealer that can cover better and easy on use. Of course I prefer the cheap one, hehe. So, after looong-looong-looong consideration, I choose this concealer.

Actually, this concealer has many shades (I'm sorry I forgot how many shades that this concealer has T_T), but it's only ONE SHADE that comes to Indonesia, and it's Medium-Sand, that too bright for me *how sad :(*. Well, these are the pictures of my own concealer :

swatch in my hand. see how it works.
Pros :
(+) easy applicator
(+) small packaging, can be carry anywhere

Cons :
(-) so-so coverage
(-) it only has one shade, and this shade is too bright for me :(
(-) quite expensive (for me), cost about Rp. 50-60.000,-

Repurchase? NO I think. I'm not comfortable with this concealer.

Recommended? No, you better find any other concealer that has a better coverage.

Thanks for reading, I hope it's useful for all of you. Good night, have enough sleep, and stay BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*


  1. Dila, aku juga punya nih. Tapi gag guna aja ngerasanya, soale noda jerawat gag kecover, diaplikasiin di bawah mata juga gag smooth hasilnya. Tapi suka banget packagingnya, keliatan berkelas.

  2. iyah mbak, nyesel bener beli. emang packagingnya menjanjikan banget, gek aku liat di youtube semacam bubzbeauty gitu dia juga pake, kan mengen2in, hehe. pengen nyoba revlon photoready concealer mbak, bagus gak itu mbak? ato ada suggestion concealer yang bagus tur murce? :3

  3. Aku belum coba revlon photoready, tapi emang reviewnya bagus sih. Aku juga pengen nyoba. Selama ini aku pakai La Tulipe perfect cream foundie, tak pakai sebagai conceal begituh, buat nutupin dosa semacem bekas jerawat, flek, dll, bagus. Nampol dan awet. Tapi kalau buat undereye jadinya cakey :(.