Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review: Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse

Hello, beauties! Curious about this product? Before I start, I just want to tell you that all products mentioned in this post are bought by my self, I don't be paid from the company, and the information below are my honest opinion. Go and read it! ^^

Have you ever heard about Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse, beauties? I you haven't, here are the pictures so you can take a look on this product :

taken from here

This is my favourite foundation ever. It has a thick creamy texture, but easy to blend. You can blend it with your sponge, foundation brush, or even your finger, but I usually blend with finger (hurry-time factor :P). Yes, it's perfect if you're in hurry, because it's really easy to use. And light weight, too. But, unfortunately, this product is quite expensive, costs about Rp. 125.000,-. But for me this product is worth to buy, hehe. Although this foundation is my favourite, someday I would like to try another type of foundation.

Mine is in shade 060. A little bit bright for me (I think), but it's okay. Someday if I have a chance to buy this foundation again, I would buy one shade darker than mine now. But for now it's still okay and wearable. :P

Here is my own Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse :

The ingredients. I'm sorry if it's unreadable :P

It has a small tube hole so you can control its usage

Swatch in my hand. It's blend perfectly ^^

Pros :
(+) Easy to use, perfect if you're in hurry
(+) Easy to blend although it has a thick creamy texture
(+) Light weight, feels like you don't wear any foundie! ^^
(+) The packaging is hygienic and travel-friendly
(+) Small tube hole so you can control the usage
(+) Coverage quite good
(+) It has various shades
(+) Last long, for about 6-7 hours indoor

Cons :
(-) Expensive

Repurchase? Maybe, but one shade darker. ^^

Recommended? Yes, if you like a thick creamy texture foundie.

Thanks for reading, beauties! I hope you're inspired. Follow me if you don't mind, hehe. See ya next time, and stay BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*

Friday, May 18, 2012

Review: Silkygirl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner in Pure Black

Hello, beauties! Finally doing a review post after spending most of my time in making a makeup look. But, before I start, I just want to tell you that all products mentioned in this post are bought by my self, I don't be paid from the company, and the information below are my honest opinion. Alright, happy reading! ^^

This time I would like to review a gel eyeliner that I bought several weeks ago. It is Silkygirl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner. It is my very first gel eyeliner that I've ever tried. Why I bought this eyeliner? Because I want to try another type of eyeliner, and because at that time this Silkygirl eyeliner is on a discount, hahaha. Usually you can get this eyeliner for about Rp. 50-55.000,-, but I get this eyeliner only for about Rp. 30.000,-. Pretty cut costs! :D

So, here are the pictures I get from Google :

First time I know this brand, I though it's kind of an expensive brand. So, I'm afraid to try this makeup. But, after knowing that this brand is quite affordable, I braced myself to give it a try. And this eyeliner is my first try of this brand, hahaha. :D

And here are mine :

Pros :
(+) It really has an intense black color.
(+) It has sharp hard brush, so you can easily adjust the thickness of your eyeliner.
(+) Hygienic applicator, because it can be hide in the cap. See picture below to see what I mean!

Cons :
(-) It's easily smudge! I really hate easily smudge eyeliner! :(
(-) It doesn't long last.
(-) Doesn't suitable if you're in hurry, hehe.

No, I think. Most of my time spent in hurry, so it doesn't suitable for me, hehe. I prefer my favourite eyeliner ever, Viva Queen Perfect Shape Liquid Eye Liner. :D

Yes, if you are a beginner that want to try gel eyeliner in a cheap price. ^^

Thanks for coming to my blog, beauties! I hope you're inspired. Follow me if you don't mind, hehe. See ya next time, and stay BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What Language should I use?

Hello, beauties! How are you? Okay, postingan kali ini aku gak pake bahasa Inggris karena ada yang mau aku tanyain ke blogger lainnya yang rata-rata dari Indonesia. Dan postingan ini gak ada hubungannya sama sekali sama beauty things. Tapi, semoga tetep dibaca ya? Hehe :D

Oke, back to bussiness. Di Indonesian Beauty Blogger Facebook Page ada salah satu posting yang bilang kalo mending jangan ngeblog pake bahasa Inggris kalo gak jago-jago amat ngomong dan nulis bahasa Inggris, karena nanti jadi susah dibaca dan dimengerti sama pembaca yang kebanyakan adalah orang Indonesia. Nah, aku kan salah satu blogger yang nulis blog pake bahasa Inggris, gara-gara sering mampir ke blognya Evita Nuh dan merasa, "wah, keren juga ya kalo nge-blog pake bahasa Inggris?", dan kemaren terakhir test TOEFL skorku lumayan laaah, 540-an gituuu, lupa tepatnya berapa, hohoho *lempar sendal teklek*. Tapi emang sih, kadang nggak pede juga karena aku masih belum yakin sama grammarku. Dan juga, aku kan nulis di blog biar bisa dibaca sama orang banyak, jadi kalo tulisanku malah gak dimengerti sama orang banyak, apa gunanya aku nulis blog, iya kan?

Banyak pro kontra dari nulis pake bahasa Inggris sama bahasa Indonesia. Kalo pake bahasa Inggris, bisa dibaca sama bule-bule yang kebetulan walking-walking di blogku, tapi buat orang Indonesia, gak semuanya fasih berbahasa Inggris jadi malah bikin gak mudeng sama isi blogku. Terus, kalo pake bahasa Indonesia, gantian orang-orang bule yang gak mudeng sama isi blogku, jadi gak bisa go international deh, wkwk (apaa iyaa? -__-"), tapi bisa dengan mudah dinikmati sama pembaca dari Indonesia dan sebagai perwujudan cinta pada bahasa sendiri. :D

Jadi, dari postingan kali ini, aku mau minta pendapat teman-teman semua, bahasa mana yang sebaiknya aku pake? In English, atau bahasa persatuan, Bahasa Indonesia? Apa pake bahasa Indonesia tapi tetep nyempil-nyempilin bahasa Inggris dikit? Mohon sarannya ya beauties, karena tujuan utamaku ngeblog adalah pengen entertain all of you, menghibur kalian semua. Okay, makasih sudah mau mampir ya beauties, ditunggu sarannya. See ya, and stay BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*

Monday, May 7, 2012

Products I Regret Buying :(

Hello beauties! Today I want to share some makeup of mine that disappoint me. If I can go back a moment before I bought these makeup, I would absolutely won't buy those. :( Here are them :

(All products mentioned in this post are bought by myself. I didn't paid by the company. And all that I say is my honest opinion. Thank you, thank you. *applause* :D )

1. Wardah Eye Shadow
I bought this eye shadow because it has a nice color. And also it has a cheap price. So, without reading some review about this product, I brought it to the cashier. After arrived home, I found that the color doesn't come out! How annoying! :( But, it can be tricked with eye shadow base. :)

2. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner
I like this product's packaging. But, only the packaging. It says that it has "Blackest Black" color, but I don't think so. This color isn't black enough, and it's easily smudge! Really disappointed! :(

3. Pixy Liquid Eyeliner
Actually, I like this eyeliner. It has a nice packaging, it doesn't easily smudge, and also affordable. But, it has a wet finish look! I kinda don't like eyeliner that has a wet look. So, I'm not impressive with this eyeliner. :(

4. Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer
This is my very first and only concealer that I have. I like this packaging. But in Indonesia it only has one shade, it is Medium-Sand, that too bright for my skin tone! And also, it can't cover my dark circle perfectly! And it's expensive! Whoa, really-really disappointed! >o<

5. Maybelline AngelFit Blush
I confess, this blush has various beautiful color. It all look so natural when applied. But, this blush doesn't pigmented enough so I had to reapply it if I want the color to comes out. :(

6. Revlon ColorStay Lip Butter
I keep the last for the worst. Really, this product really disappointed me. Because, I've been waiting for this product to release in Indonesia for several months. But, when I finally got this, this product doesn't like what I've been imaging. Okay, I confess it has a really stunning color, but it easily disappear! I have to reapply it in every 2 hours! How inconvenient! :( And the worst from this product is, IT'S EASILY MELTED! Huwaaaaaaa! Now if I want to use this product I have to use lip brush too, because now it has no form! :( >o<

So painful to write about this, because most of the products mentioned up there are products that I think will bring happiness to me. :( *a little bit lebay, hehe :P *. But, back to the beginning, this is my honest opinion. Not all of you face the same case like what happened to me. So, good luck with your chosen makeup products! And don't stop having fun with makeup, beauties! Thanks for coming, and stay BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*