Monday, May 7, 2012

Products I Regret Buying :(

Hello beauties! Today I want to share some makeup of mine that disappoint me. If I can go back a moment before I bought these makeup, I would absolutely won't buy those. :( Here are them :

(All products mentioned in this post are bought by myself. I didn't paid by the company. And all that I say is my honest opinion. Thank you, thank you. *applause* :D )

1. Wardah Eye Shadow
I bought this eye shadow because it has a nice color. And also it has a cheap price. So, without reading some review about this product, I brought it to the cashier. After arrived home, I found that the color doesn't come out! How annoying! :( But, it can be tricked with eye shadow base. :)

2. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner
I like this product's packaging. But, only the packaging. It says that it has "Blackest Black" color, but I don't think so. This color isn't black enough, and it's easily smudge! Really disappointed! :(

3. Pixy Liquid Eyeliner
Actually, I like this eyeliner. It has a nice packaging, it doesn't easily smudge, and also affordable. But, it has a wet finish look! I kinda don't like eyeliner that has a wet look. So, I'm not impressive with this eyeliner. :(

4. Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer
This is my very first and only concealer that I have. I like this packaging. But in Indonesia it only has one shade, it is Medium-Sand, that too bright for my skin tone! And also, it can't cover my dark circle perfectly! And it's expensive! Whoa, really-really disappointed! >o<

5. Maybelline AngelFit Blush
I confess, this blush has various beautiful color. It all look so natural when applied. But, this blush doesn't pigmented enough so I had to reapply it if I want the color to comes out. :(

6. Revlon ColorStay Lip Butter
I keep the last for the worst. Really, this product really disappointed me. Because, I've been waiting for this product to release in Indonesia for several months. But, when I finally got this, this product doesn't like what I've been imaging. Okay, I confess it has a really stunning color, but it easily disappear! I have to reapply it in every 2 hours! How inconvenient! :( And the worst from this product is, IT'S EASILY MELTED! Huwaaaaaaa! Now if I want to use this product I have to use lip brush too, because now it has no form! :( >o<

So painful to write about this, because most of the products mentioned up there are products that I think will bring happiness to me. :( *a little bit lebay, hehe :P *. But, back to the beginning, this is my honest opinion. Not all of you face the same case like what happened to me. So, good luck with your chosen makeup products! And don't stop having fun with makeup, beauties! Thanks for coming, and stay BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*


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    1. kemaren bikinnya burur2 mbak, jadi gak dipakein foto. kapan2 aku update deh :3

  2. Wah...masukan yang bagus :). Aku nunggu2 post kaya gini. Postnya jujur dan membantu kita membeli barang. Jelek bilang jelek, bagus bilang bagus. Bukannya semua di bilang bagus karena pengen dianggap baik hati :D. Tingkatkan, kakakkkk. Aku fans barumuuu :*

    1. hahahaha, padahal niat cuma mao sharing, tapi malah dapet fans *sun jauh* tapi itu cm pendapatku loh mbak, kalo di orang lain gak nemuin keluhan yg sama padahal barangnya sama, ya itu kerana pendapat pribadi masing2 :3

    2. Iya donk, kosmetik itu kan cocok2an. Hasil di masing2 orang beda. Tapi aku seneng nih, ada byuti blogger yang berani bilang produk ini ndak cocok, produk itu jelek di aku. Jadi bukan semua2 di bilang bagus karena pengen dpt free product atau karena takut ditinggal follower :D

      *sun jauh balik*

    3. aku malah gak mikir kemana2 pas posting ini :P ya nulis cuma yang aku rasain dari dalem hati aja *lebay*, hahaha :3