Friday, May 18, 2012

Review: Silkygirl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner in Pure Black

Hello, beauties! Finally doing a review post after spending most of my time in making a makeup look. But, before I start, I just want to tell you that all products mentioned in this post are bought by my self, I don't be paid from the company, and the information below are my honest opinion. Alright, happy reading! ^^

This time I would like to review a gel eyeliner that I bought several weeks ago. It is Silkygirl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner. It is my very first gel eyeliner that I've ever tried. Why I bought this eyeliner? Because I want to try another type of eyeliner, and because at that time this Silkygirl eyeliner is on a discount, hahaha. Usually you can get this eyeliner for about Rp. 50-55.000,-, but I get this eyeliner only for about Rp. 30.000,-. Pretty cut costs! :D

So, here are the pictures I get from Google :

First time I know this brand, I though it's kind of an expensive brand. So, I'm afraid to try this makeup. But, after knowing that this brand is quite affordable, I braced myself to give it a try. And this eyeliner is my first try of this brand, hahaha. :D

And here are mine :

Pros :
(+) It really has an intense black color.
(+) It has sharp hard brush, so you can easily adjust the thickness of your eyeliner.
(+) Hygienic applicator, because it can be hide in the cap. See picture below to see what I mean!

Cons :
(-) It's easily smudge! I really hate easily smudge eyeliner! :(
(-) It doesn't long last.
(-) Doesn't suitable if you're in hurry, hehe.

No, I think. Most of my time spent in hurry, so it doesn't suitable for me, hehe. I prefer my favourite eyeliner ever, Viva Queen Perfect Shape Liquid Eye Liner. :D

Yes, if you are a beginner that want to try gel eyeliner in a cheap price. ^^

Thanks for coming to my blog, beauties! I hope you're inspired. Follow me if you don't mind, hehe. See ya next time, and stay BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*


  1. aku lebih ke pro-nya.. memang emang agak smudge kalo nggak diakali.. ^^ tapi balik lagi, mikir dengan harganya dan kualitasnya, menurut aku affordable price ^^
    aku pake maybelline aja masi smudge :P

    1. kayaknya aku emang gak berjodoh sama gel eyeliner, masih kikuk soalnya, haha. emang gimana cara ngakalinnya Yos? really need that trick! >__<

  2. Kalau aku gag suka nih. Soalnya gag awet, punyaku baru sebulan udah mengering gag bisa dipake. Iya sih bisa direndem air panas atau di tetesin tetes mata. Tapi tetep aja kualitasnya jadi beda :D

    Tapi ini lumayan loh, buat yang mau cobain gel liner.

    1. oh, lebih ke gampang kering di tubenya ya mbak? aku blm lama nyoba, jadi gak tau cepet kering apa egak, hehe. yang paling aku gak suka gampang smudge itu lho mbak! hrgh, bete, gak suka banget sm eyeliner yg gampang smudge, bikin jadi mata panda! :(

  3. kalo eyeliner yg smudge malah jadi pro buat aku, biar garis nya gak terlalu tajam...XD
    tp gel el neh gmpg keriiing...jd males beli nyaa..:(

    1. hahaha, pendapat tiap orang beda2 :D
      kalo aku gak suka Mer, soalnya bikin jadi mata panda, huhu T__T
      aku belum nyoba lama, jadi belum tau gampang kering apa egak, hehe :3