Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review: Rivera Matic Eye Liner

Hello, beauties! I come with another cheap product's review for all of you. But remember, all products mentioned in this post are bought by myself, I'm not paid by the company, and those all are my honest opinion. So, let's get started! ^^

Rivera Matic Eye Liner is a non-liquid eyeliner. It's kinda look like pencil eyeliner, but without wood. And it doesn't look like a pencil. More like a gel eyeliner that solidified. You have to spin the top to come out the eyeliner. Hard to imagine? Take a look at the pictures below :

And swatch in my eyes :

And after 6-hours usage, here are the appearance :

A little bit smudge, but still tolerable. It cost about Rp. 35.000,-, but I got a discount at Gardena so I only payed about Rp. 30.000,-. Affordable, right? :3

Pros :
(+) Small packaging so easy to carry
(+) The color really came out
(+) Long-wearing
(+) Quite cheap, so it's affordable
(+) Easy to apply

Cons :
(-) A little bit smudge, but still tolerable

Repurchase? Of Course!

Recommended? Absolutely!

Thanks for reading, beauties! ^^ I hope it's useful for you. Comment and follow if you don't mind. See ya on the next post, and stay BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*


  1. wOw, ini eyeliner Rivera yang kamu maksut kmrd Dila?

    Wah, kayaknya asik nih. Nunggu Skiva nya abis dulu..

    Atau kalo enggak, nunggu racun dulu. wkwkwk

    Nice review!

  2. Ewww...pengen aku >'<. Elener pencilku pas habis semua nih. Ini bleber nggak ya, Dil, kalau buat waterline?

  3. nah, pertanyaan yg sama dg bos Arum..
    bleber kgak? :O

  4. @mbak Lady: iya mbak, top markotop deh produk ini. buruan beli, mumpung murah ^^

  5. @mbak Arum & Momon: kalo pas aku coba, enggak mbleber. enggak kayak pencil eyeliner-nya Viva. kalo dia, udah gak kereng warnanya, gampang ilang, gampang bleber pula. gara2 Rivera ini, aku jadi jatuh cinta sama pencil eyeliner. dulu, mana mau nyoba aku pencil eyeliner, hehe. top markotop pokoknya eyeliner ini ^^

  6. Keracunan beneran nih >'<. Secara viva di aku udah lumayan asal gag ditaruh di waterline. Apalagi ini. Mbelik ah..

  7. Viva murah sih ya mbak, tapi kalo menurutku dia *maap nih* murahan (//_\\) mending ini jauh deh, hehe :3

  8. aahh asyik ada reviewnya .. dah lama banget pengen beli ini cuma selalu ragu, tapi ternyata bagus yaa .. mau deh kapan2 beli ini :D

  9. beli aja mbak, aku awalnya juga kaget loh ternyata produk ini oke banget, hehe. ayok ayok, dibeli dibeliiii \(^o^)/

  10. @Awa: iyakah? aku gatau bentuknya Silkygirl, hehe. keknya mirip kek Revlon juga bentuknya ituu.